30 December 2009

Thank you and So Long

Dear Friends,

After three years on the Amazonas state government and the Secretariat of Planning (SEPLAN) team, I would like to share with you my move back to the private sector, where I will assume new challenges.

I am very proud of the work in Governor Eduardo Braga´s administration of our state government and of SEPLAN over the last three years, when many important milestones were achieved.  There are a few in particular that I would like to emphasize:

1. Implementation of ISO 9000 systems in public instituions.  We have six accomplished (including SEPLAN) and another 15 in process.

2. Training of public servants has been a priority, with the objective of achieving at least 30 hours of training per year per servant.  We have also experimented with upper management training at the HSM Expomanagement, where new practices were thought out.

3. Monitoring and management system e-Siga, where over 5 thousand indicatorsof all aspects of state government and the state economy are monitored monthly.  As Peter Drucker used to say, what gets measured gets managed.

4. Professional recruiting has been a focus in order to bring in the most capable professionals, independent of origin.

5. International relations - with the establishment of the undersecretariat for international relations at SEPLAN, Amazonas has taken a proactive role in international relations, with a special focus on defending the state´s interests with respect to rewarding the Amazon for the provision of environmental services.  A highlight was our participation in Copenhagen, where despite global failure of negotiations, forests and REDD took a primary role and became the only point of agreement.  Within the subject, Amazonas is today a recognized leader (as leader of the Governor´s Climate & Forests Task Force, pronouncement at COP15 Forest Day 3 and the Avoided Deforestation Partners event).

6. Amazonas Sustainable Foundation - in the international relations context as well, SEPLAN participated in the conception and establishment of the foundation which is an important front in the environmental and economic policy with respect to environmental services.  A special highlight is the partnership with Marriott in the creation of the Juma project, a landmark in the global REDD debate.

7. Management by values - our team has established the values of transparency, respect, productivity and good service as the halmarks of our management, with important results.

8. 2014 Soccer World Cup - Manaus was selected as a host city, which will bring tremendous benefits such as a new airport, improvements in tourism infrastructure, city beautification, the establishment of a subway line, among others.  SEPLAN was the coordinator of Manaus´ candidacy, for which it should be proud.

9. Land tenure - along with former Minister Mangabeira´s team, SEPLAN worked to rectify land ownership issues in the Amazon.  This is an essential step in both reducing the environmental crime rate and engendering economic development.

10. Reduction of bureaucracy and e-Government: several services at SEPLAN and other state institutions have been reviewed and transferred to the internet.

Other important projects include the improvement of flight coverage in the state and international, efforts to protect the Manaus Free Trade Zone, the Amazonas Digital project (to distribute wi-fi internet in the interior of the state), attraction of new investments and the planning of the state budget and economy to meet the global crisis.

It has been three years of tremendous challenges.  The accumulated learning over this period is the most important reward, along with new friedships established and old ones deepened.

I would also like to take the opportunity to thank Governor Eduardo Braga for the trust and support shown to myself and to SEPLAN.  We share the happiness over the achievements above as well as the regret of knowing we could have done more.  I also would like to thank the SEPLAN team, always by my side, my proud parents Ilko and Nora, my grandmother Mery and my nephews Samuel and Eli.  To my grandfather Samuel, whose legacy and influence made contributing to the development of the Amazon a moral obligation.  I am happy to retain a clear conscience and good name.

I will remain in Manaus, now working as financial director at Bemol and Fogás, where I hope to continue contributing to the development of the Amazon region.  I will retain some public responsibilities as a board member of the Amazonas Sustainable Foundation (fas-amazonas.org), the Amazonas Research Support Foundation, the Museum of the Amazon (museudaamazonia.org.br) and the instution that will plan the 2014 World Cup in Manaus.  I would very much like to keep in touch with everyone -- always available on e-mail (denis.minev@gmail.com), Facebook (facebook.com/minev), Orkut, Twitter (dminev) or this blog.

I wish you good health and prosperity in 2010.
Denis Benchimol Minev

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  1. Denis,
    Embora não tenhamos tido um relacionamento profissional direto, sempre fui admirador do seu trabalho a frente da Seplan-Am, que você transformou numa "ilha de excelência" durante sua gestão.
    Parabéns, e sucesso de volta a Bemol.