21 February 2009

On rainforests, carbon sinks and corporate goodwill

It is with great pleasure that we begin to see change in the world regarding the preservation of the Amazon rainforest.  I would like to share two pieces of news that give great hope to the future of rainforests.  

First, scientists have uncovered an even stronger impact of rainforests on preventing global warming.  As CO2 concentrations in the atmosphere increase, it seems tropical forests actually adapt to increase their intake of carbon, growing accordingly.  It is now estimated that almost 20% of the globe´s annual carbon emissions are absorbed by rainforests.  Please see news below:

Additionally, this week we have the launch, on Marriott.com, of online publicity for the Marriott Juma project, the first project of its kind.  Marriott has joined with the state of Amazonas to preserve a reservation in the arc of deforestation in Brazil.  It is a successful project mainly due to the concern for improving the standards of living within the reserve, aside from just seeking to reduce deforestation.  The world has always talked about the Amazon, but it seems finally we have leaders who have chosen to step ahead.  As is often the case, the private sector shows the way.  Below is a link to Bill Marriott´s personal blog and company info on the project:


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