11 December 2008

The REDD debates

The global REDD debate rages during this week of meetings in Poznan.  As the latest addition to scholarship on the issue, CIFOR released the report “Moving Ahead with REDD”, which provided a roadmap for where forests may fit into an expanded Kyoto Protocol.  Breakthroughs are announced every day from Poland, yet much of the excitement is more likely due to foreign press with little familiarity with the topic rather than actual breakthroughs.  We, in the Amazon rainforest, remain hopeful that Poznan will lead to enough momentum that Copenhagen in December 2009 can be the crowning moment the world decides to move on a definite path to curb emissions and address head on the troubles of climate change.  

Amazonas state in Brazil remains committed to slowing deforestation rates; we have reduced deforestation in our best preserved of all states in Brazil to below 0.03% of our territory per annum.  Satellite imagery shows that Amazonas has 98% of its forest cover preserved and, at the current rate of deforestation, will retain over 95% preserved by the year 2100.  

Below follows the link to the CIFOR report:



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