09 October 2008

Latitude Zero review by Denis Minev

Latitude Zero: Tales of the Equator
by Gianni Guadalupi
Edition: Hardcover
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4.0 out of 5 stars NICE TIDBITS OF HISTORY IN THE TROPICSJuly 23, 2006
The tropics have always fascinated European explorers with tales of monsters and incredible nature. In this book, the authors tell the stories of a few handpicked explorers of the tropics. 

The stories are divided among continents: 
1. In South America, we have Orellana (first man down the Amazon), Aguirre (insane explorer in the Amazon), Raleigh (Brit up in Guyana) and Condamine (the French measurer of the Earth). 
2. In Africa, Livingstone, Burton, Speke, Conrad, among others. 
3. In Asia, Magellan (first around the world), Stevenson (of literary fame), and Brooke (the white Raja). 

These are just short stories, of maybe 5-15 pages per explorer, and the choice of explorers is not necessarily the best, given the limited space in the book.

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