09 October 2008

Insight Guide Amazon Wildlife review

Insight Guide Amazon Wildlife (Insight Guides Amazon Wildlife)
by Hans-Ulrich Bernard
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4.0 out of 5 stars COMPILATION RATHER THAN GUIDEAugust 4, 2008
This book is very interesting in the choice of animals it makes and has interesting facts about the Amazon and its species. However, its proposition to be a full guide is too ambitious and cannot be achieved in so short a space. 

Some of the most significant deficiencies relate to the flora, which is only sparsely described. It is not too helpful in identifying species, especially given the abundance of the region. 

I recommend this guide to an amateur who is interesting in identifying a few species, especially of fauna, who is not too particular about identifying specific ones. It is full of interesting facts that a first time visitor would certainly enjoy.


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