09 October 2008

The Amazon review by Denis Minev

The Amazon, 2nd: The Bradt Travel Guide
by Roger Harris
Edition: Paperback
Availability: Out of Print--Limited Availability

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4.0 out of 5 stars BEST IN CLASS, THOUGH NOT THAT GOODApril 1, 2006
Among all guidebooks I have seen on the Amazon, this one did the best job of gathering information and putting it in an easily readable fashion. 

The book is divided among the different countries in the region. Knowing the attractions mainly of the Brazilian Amazon, I can say that about half of the businesses, phone numbers, addresses, etc. are outdated. It is to be expected, since this guide was published 4 yrs ago. The Brazilian section is good, with good advice especially on the surroundings of Manaus. It also provides good advice on what to bring and what to look for in the Amazon, which is useful and timeless. 

To someone considering a trip to different places in the Amazon, if you want to get just one guide, I would recommend this one. If you are going to just one place, perhaps as a second guide book this would help, but I would not rely too heavily on the companies listed there, many of them no longer exist.

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