09 October 2008

The Amazon Rainforest review by Denis Minev

The Amazon Rain Forest: The Largest Rain Forest In The World (Natural Wonders)
by Galadriel Watson
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4.0 out of 5 stars BOOK FOR TEENAGERS ON THE AMAZONMarch 30, 2006
This is a nice little book for pre-teenagers unacquainted with the Amazon to read. It touches on the main points related to the forest, such as fauna, flora, its society, economics, geography, environmental conditions and deforestation, among other issues. It also does a brief description of the life work of Henry Walter Bates, an early British explorer of the Amazon who cataloged thousands of new insect species in the region. 

Overall, this is a very simple and short book, to be read in about an hour. If you just want a quick intro to the region for your kid, this is okay. Anything more, you should look elsewhere, such as Adrian Forsyth's Tropical Forest.

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