09 October 2008

Amazon Insects review by Denis Minev

Amazon Insects - A Photo Guide
by James L. Castner
Edition: Paperback
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4.0 out of 5 stars GOOD PHOTO GUIDE, SHORT AND SWEET DESCRIPTIONSSeptember 7, 2006
This book is a very short photo guide book of insects in the Amazon. In 160 short pages (each page is about 1/2 of a regular page's size), the author covers some of the most picturesque species of insects one is likely to find in the Amazon. 

In a recent trip I brought the guide along to see if I could distinguish some of the species I encountered. Though I found many insects similar to the ones in the book, I noticed that the book did not describe the most common ones, such as regular flies and mosquitos. These are the most abundant and bothersome kinds, but are out of the book probably because they are not very interesting. 

Overall, this is an interesting guide and the pictures are definitely amazing. Would benefit from the addition of the more boring insects.

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