26 September 2008

Letter of Cuiabá - in search of productivity and sustainability

Below is the text of the Letter of Cuiabá, signed by all the Governors of the Amazônia Legal, in search of a unified voice of the region. It focuses on three items in particular: a) agrarian regulation, b) science and technology and c) incentives to priority segments.

The sentiment of the letter is the viability of a formal and healthy economy which should supplant the current lack of formality and sustainability. Agrarian regulation is essential in the generation of capital that makes investment and financing possible. Science and technology must seek new forms of economical exploration that have as principle sustainability and productivity. The incentives to priority segments, as education, can indicate to private initiative the way to tread in the search of sustainability and productivity. Below follows the text of the letter:

II Forum of the Governors of the Amazônia Legal

Cuiabá, 08th of August 2008

We, governors of the States which comprise the Amazônia Legal - Acre, Amapá, Amazonas, Maranhão, Mato Grosso, Pará, Rondônia, Roraima and Tocantins, representatives of the larger dimensions that derive the popular mandate, affirm our responsibility in the conduction of the fate of the region.

We understand the importance of the environmental variable in the development of Amazônia that propagates and is present in all the subjects in a transversal form, understanding that socio-economic aspects are equally relevant.

To give materiality to the actions of the development of a sustainable region, the Forum creates the Council of Governors of the Amazônian Legislature and dispatches therewith the priority agenda:

1.      To immediately install the Managing Commission of the Plan for Sustainable Amazônia (PSA);

2.      To reaffirm the importance of Ecological and Economic Zoning (EEZ) as strategic tool for planning and regional integration, considering that the conclusion of the State EEZs and the macro-zoning of Amazônia is a priority and should be reached by a cooperative financing agreement between the State and the Union;

3.       To assure, by means of delegation, the independent participation of the states in the formularization of environmental policies (legislation, control and monitoring) so that they reflect the interests of Amazônia;

4.      To reconstruct and/or to fortify the Institutos de Terras or correlated structures in the states, seeking to establish policies of agrarian regulation, agreed to by the Amazonian states, by means of a cooperation of technique and financing between the federate entities and the Union, giving to the States the power of sovereignty in the scope of territorial order;

5.      To institute the shared strategic planning of the infrastructure actions of transportation, communications, energy and water resources, aiming for regional integration.

6.      To add to the investments of the Program of Acceleration of Growth (PAG) the complementary workmanships of the structural axis, such as: road accesses, viaducts and arcs;

7.      To approve, by the National Congress, a Project of Constitutional Amendment (PCA) that allows for the collection of ICMS in the generation, transmission, and distribution of energy, as well as in the final consumption;

8.      To implement a joint emergency program of the States and the Union to supplement regional imbalances in the sector of Science, Technology and Innovation, by establishing goals of expansion and consolidation of the infrastructure of research, production of social technologies and formation of human resources, including the duplication of the number of doctors in the stated period of five years;

9.      To introduce a differentiated model of financing for the region, being aimed at the promotion of health, that takes into account the great demographic void, distances, the precariousness of transport routes, the costs generated by procedural maintenance, and the specific endemic pictures of the region;

10.   To accomplish the proposed actions in the Green-Arc Operation, in tune with actions of the state governors;

11.   To reorganize the model of implementation and operation of the Program of Acceleration of Growth (PAG), in the scope of the Ministry of the Cities/Caixa Econômica Federal (Federal Savings Bank) aiming at autonomy for the States in order to simplify the procedures for speeding up the execution of sanitation workmanships and habitation;

12.   To promote the revision of the Program of Fiscal Adjustment (PFA), aiming to assure, within the scope of the current Law and in symmetry with the other states, access to the credit for the States of Tocantins and Amapá;

13.   To fortify the agencies of regional planning, especially the SUDAM, so that the Regional Plan of Development of Amazônia (RPDA) is effectively elaborated with the States, redesigning the Legislation that refers to the   priority economic segments;

14.   To speed the voting of the National Congress concerning the Law Project that creates the Participation Fund of the States (PFS) - Green.

15.   The resolutions signed during the meeting compose the annexes.


This act is set forth in the search of sustainable development of Amazônia for those who live within it.


Governor Blairo Maggi – Mato Grosso
Governor Ana Júlia Carepa - Pará

Governor Eduardo Braga - Amazonas
Governor Binho Marques - Acre
Governor Ivo Cassol - Rondônia

Governor Marcelo Miranda - Tocantins

Governor Waldez Góes – Amapá

Governor José de Anchieta Júnior - Roraima
Vice-Governor Luís Carlos Porto - Maranhão 


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